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OÜ Vehicom
Tuuliku str. 4c, 10612 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: +372 52 52 280
Tel: +372 50 78 676

We paint the picture 4 your needs

Vehicom OÜ is a company established in April 2001, with its activities in the manufacturing of software, which focuses on the simplification of business processes by means of information technology tools.

Initially, Vehicom OÜ specialised in the charting of sale environments and sale processes, and in the optimising of work operations.


We have always prioritised the functionality of information systems and the necessity of investments made in them. Our mission is to assist our customers in gaining a maximum from the opportunities offered by the new media by applying information technology and the internet, in order to optimise the customer's business processes just where it is the most beneficial.


Vehicom has produced a variety of technical solutions which are protected by copyright. With larger corporations we have signed several licences and maintenance agreements to ensure targeted use of the product to the customer as well as the smooth technical support. Some of the contracts are signed to last dozens of years.
An important share of our portfolio is the "auto products”, which includes a variety of functionality. Starting for example with order processes from the factory up to sales of vehicles and the aftermarket related warranty systems.
In this field we have been operating more than ten years and dealt with different countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine etc.


In the service pack offered by Vehicom, customer consultation plays a significant role.
Often a simple system requiring minimum investments will allow better functionality and easier use than the existing solutions having become haphazardly large and awkward.
We have experience in finding out the needs of small businesses and large corporations active in various business fields, and in the ways their needs can be solved by means of information technology.
In addition to project management, and design and programming works, we also offer a warranty for our products and technical support for larger solutions.
Vehicom is responsible for several mission-critical internet environments in the field of e-trading. Vehicom corporative softwares are being used all over the Europe.


Web Developer

Maintaining and enhancing websites, working as a developer in a team liaising with clients to deliver web-based requirements.


Several years of commercial experience working with PHP7 and SQL.
Comfortable working with ES6 JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3...